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Lithium battery Basic knowledge II

Lithium battery Basic knowledge II

Jun 5,2020

1: What are the advantages of lithium batteries?

(1) . High energy density ;

(2) .High working voltage ;  

(3) .No memory effect ;

(4) .Long cycle life ;

(5) .No pollution ;

(6) .Light weight ;

(7) .Small self discharge;

 2:What are the advantages of lithium polymer battery?

 (1).There is no problem of battery leakage. The battery does not contain liquid electrolyte inside, and the colloidal solid is used.

 (2).It can be made into thin battery: with the capacity of 3.6v400mah, its thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm.

 (3).The battery can be designed into various shapes.

 (4).The battery can be bent and deformed: the maximum bending capacity of polymer battery is about 900.

 (5).Can be made into a single high voltage: the battery with liquid electrolyte can only get high voltage in series with several batteries, and the polymer battery can be made into a multi-layer combination in a single cell to achieve high voltage because it has no liquid.

 (6).The capacity will be twice that of lithium-ion batteries of the same size.