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Cooperation and Success. Go down hand in hand

Cooperation and Success. Go down hand in hand

Oct 9,2019

In this warm spring and blooming May, the company aims to further strengthen the physical and

mental quality of everyone, enhance the communication between colleagues and

improve the overall team cooperation ability.On may 2, 2019, Shanghai Mylion co., ltd.

organized a 2-day and 1-night outdoor expansion activity with the theme of

"Cooperation and Success Go down hand in hand"

in Hangzhou jilong Mountain

At 9: 00 a.m. on that day, everyone came to the beautiful Jilong mountain and Wolong cave. upon

arrival, everyone quickly gathered to change theirclothes and could not wait to

meet the next challenge

For most of the friends, this outdoor experience is the first time, deeply feel that this activity is an

extreme challenge for our body and mind. In the next two days, we helped each other,

united as one, never abandon or give up, and experienced a series of challenges:

hiking 5 kilometers, 80 meters of rapid descent,

crossing karst caves, and climbing 60 degrees of steep slopes

Finally down the mountain, full of wine and food, set off for home

Although the expansion activity lasted only two days, it promoted the communication between each other,

strengthened the publicity and implementation of corporate culture, improved the、comprehensive

quality of employees, improved the teamwork ability, and enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise.

Look forward to our next collision more and morewonderful sparks.